HP(M3000,DV2000,DV6000,V3000,V6000) BATTERY


Compatible Replacement Hp Pavilion Dv2000 Dv6000 Ev089Aa, Hstnn-Db32 Laptop Battery.



Dv6000 -Libat

Battery Type :Li-Ion
Voltage : 11.1V Is Compatible With 10.8V
Capacity:4400 Mah
Brand: Unbranded /Oem

Compatible Models.
Hp Pavilion:
Dv2000 Dv2100 Dv2200 Dv2300 Dv2400 Dv2500 Dv2600 Dv2700 Dv2800 Dv2900 Series
Hp Pavilion:
Dv6000 Dv6100 Dv6200 Dv6300 Dv6400 Dv6500 Dv6600 Dv6700 Dv6800 Dv6900 Series
Hp G6000 And G7000 Series
Compaq Presario:
V3000 V3100 V3200 V3300 V3400 V3500 V3600 V3700 V3800 V3900 Series
Compaq Presario:
V6000 V6100 V6200 V6300 V6400 V6500 V6600 V6700 V6800 V6900 Series
Compaq Presario: A900, C700, F500 And F700 Series

Compatible Part Numbers
441425-001, 432306-001, 432307-001,417066-001, 446506-001, 446507-001, 454931-001, 455804-001, 441243-141, 436281-141, 441462-251, Ev088Aa, Ev089Aa, Hstnn-Db32, Hstnn-Ib32, Hstnn-Q21C, Hstnn-Q33C, Hstnn-W34C, Hstnn-W20C, Hstnn-C17C, Hstnn-Ib42.

What’s in the box
Laptop Battery


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