Hp for pavillion(KI04) battery


Battery for HP Pavilion 14,15,17 Series (K104,Ki04,LB6T,LB6R )



Tech Specs
14.8V 2200mAh
Original Model Numbers
HSTNN-DB6T , 800050-001HSTNN-LB6R,HSTNN-LB6S,K104,K1O4,KI04,KIO4
Suitable Models
HSTNN-LB6T, HP Pavilion 14, 15 and 17 series, 800009-241, 800009-421, 800010-421, 800049-001, 800050-001, HSTNN-DB6T, HSTNN-LB6R, HSTNN-LB6S, K104, K1O4, KI04, KIO4, TPN-Q158, TPN-Q159, TPN-Q160, TPN-Q161, TPN-Q162
14-AB000, 14-ab000, 14-ab100, 14-AB100, 14t-ab000, 14T-AB000, 14T-AB100, 15-AB000, 15-ab000au, 15-AB100, 15-ab100TX, 15-AB200, 15-AB500, 15-AK000, 15-AK100NE, 15-an001la, 15-an001TX, 15-an002TX, 15-an003TX,
15-an004TX, 15-an005TX, 15-an006TX, 15-an007TX, 15-an008TX, 15-an009TX, 15-an010TX, 15T-AB000, 15t-ab000, 15T-AB100, 15T-AK000, 15Z-AB00, 15z-ab000, 15Z-AB100, 17-G000, 17-g000, 17-G000NA, 17-g000na,
17-G000NC, 17-g000nc, 17-G000ND, 17-G000NF, 17-G000NK, 17-g000nk, 17-G000NV, 17-g000nv, 17-G000UR, 17-G001NA, 17-g001na, 17-G001NF, 17-G001NK, 17-G001NU, 17-G002NA, 17-g002na, 17-G002ND, 17-G002NK,
17-g002nk, 17-G002NO, 17-G002NS, 17-G003NG, 17-G003NK, 17-g003nk, 17-G003NM, 17-G003NO, 17-G003NS, 17-G003NU, 17-G003UR, 17-G004NK, 17-g004nk, 17-G004NO, 17-G004UR, 17-g005na, 17-G020NR,
17-G020NZ, 17-G020UR, 17-G021NF, 17-G021UR, 17-G022UR, 17-G023NG, 17-G024ND, 17-G024NG, 17-G024UR, 17-G025DS, 17-G025ND, 17-G026DS, 17-G026NA, 17-G026UR, 17-G027DS, 17-G027UR, 17-G028DS,
17-g054ur, 17-g056ur, 17-g057ur, 17-g061ur, 17-g062ur, 17-g070ca, 17-g077cl, 17-g084ca, 17-G099NR, 17-g099nr, 17-G100, 17-G100NA, 17-g101AU, 17-g101AX, 17-g102AU, 17-g102AX, 17-G193UR, 17-G194UR, 17-G195NG,
17-G195UR, 17-G196UR, 17-G198UR, 17-G199NR, 17T-G000, 17t-g000, 17T-G100, 17Z-G000, 17z-g000, 17Z-G100

What’s in the box
1 X Battery


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